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Nokomis Beach Drum Circle

Nokomis Beach Drum Circle

One of our guest favorites is the Nokomis Beach Drum Circle, located at the main beach area on Casey Key and is a very short walking distance from Suntan Terrace. Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, approximately 2 hours before sunset everyone joins together to drum and dance. Sometimes they provide hoops, spinners or fans for the kids to play with. LED lights, hoops and props dancers are at night. Fun for the whole family! Give us a call at 941-488-1565 to make a reservation or simply click here to book online. Click here to view some of the amenities we have here at Suntan Terrace Beach & Bay Resort. See you at the beach!

Suntan Terrace Beach & Bay Nokomis Beach Drum Circle CALL 941-488-1565

Suntan Terrace Beach & Bay
117 Casey Key Road
Nokomis, Florida 34275
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GUIDELINES: (Our Drum Circle Etiquette)
We invite you to participate by playing, listening, dancing, and joining in the Sunset Celebration. The circle is drawn for DRUMMERS OR THOSE WITH MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS to sit around. Please leave space for them!!
THIS IS A DRUM CIRCLE. The CENTER of OUR Drum Circle is Sacred to US. Please have respect for the flowers, decorations and other memorabilia our Tribe has placed there.

  • Please NO SMOKING in or around our circle.
  • Please refrain from bringing alcohol inside the circle.
  • Please refrain from bringing glass onto to the beach. (County Ordinance)
  • Please refrain from setting up umbrella’s and chairs inside our circle.
  • Please respect the community that comes together twice by communicating KINDLY and asking before touching or taking their personal possessions. 
  • Please NO free flying objects in the circle.
  • Please do not stand in the middle of the circle unless you are dancing or moving.
  • Please refrain from using flashes at night to film us.
  • Please do not push/stand in front of another drummer/musician. BE Kind. Give each other space.
  • Potlucks, picnics, private parties…..please enjoy them “Outside” the circle.
  • If your drum/instrument is the only one YOU hear….you’re playing too loud.
  • If your drum/instrument is the only one YOU hear….you’re playing too loud.
  • Please refrain from sitting, having a picnic, etc. where the musicians join to play weekly. 

Please be advised that “OUR DUNES” are precious to us!! They preserve the very beach you are enjoying!!! PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE DUNES!! (County Ordinance)